Top 10 Best Myths About Sales For Business Growth

Top 10 Best Myths About Sales For Business Growth

Very often we hear the question:

How to increase sales? How to increase sales? I know that it is important to sell, but I'm not too well versed in this, and now I can not afford to hire a professional sellers. How can I increase sales, customer base and profitability of your business? Welcome to the wonderful world of running your individuals business! You are in the same stersebutation as most small business individualsers, but the good news is that in order to make your business a success - all you need to do is to break some stereo types that have been created over the last hundred years or so !

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There are a number of potentially dicey misconceptions that surround the field of sales. There are always people who complain that their business does not work and constantly make excuses why this is happening. The list of "why" they are usually very long. If you experience a feeling of pity for them, you can lose your individuals business. A feeling of pity can be contagious, so first of all remember this and take it as an axiom.

Let's see at the most destructive myths associated with sales and how they can overcome them. Soon you'll actually have fun every time selling. And be able to confidently answer the question how to increase sales.

Myth Number 1: Only those who are able to speak easily and effortlessly able to sell, there are natural sellers.

The truth is that the sale is a science, you can learn skills and sales techniques, anyone can learn it.

In fact, not be very good talker worldwide sales. They have a bad reputation because of insincerity and lack of attention and understanding of their clients' careers may have problems. A good hearer will always overtake sales of who speaks without stopping. When you do not hear, you never know approximately the difficulties and desires of our customers and their priorities. You will not be able to meet their needs, so your chances of selling are considerably reduced. Asking questions and hearing are key skills of professional seller.

Myth Number 2: Sales is a numbers permainan.

The more potential customers will find, the more sales you will make. In fact, sales is not approximately quantity but approximately quality. How to increase sales? If you have a list of potential customers and quality you are working with customers, it is likely that a high percentage of them become regular customers.

In fact, sales is a numbers permainan - the more you work, the more money you make! Many sales managers are obsessed with numbers: how many made cancient calls on the phone, how many meetings scheduled and conducted, how many sales made during this period. I've seen tons of unusual forms that sellers must complete and pass the end of the day. That's the way the manager (supervisor) controls sellers. It's more like an elementary school homework or something? In sales the main work is with people, not with numbers. It's much more like a permainan of mind and psychology are important relationships. No, selling not only a numbers permainan.

Myth Number 3: To succeed in sales, you have to be "thick-skinned" and aggressive.

Yes, we all need to have the strength to deal with the inevitable difficulties. But it's not the same thing as being aggressive and work in the style of "vision is not see any obstacles." For his career, many vendors have adopted this style of work, in a word, their attitude approximately this: "I will succeed, and you will fail, see you later!"

But, they are not able to create permanent, trusting relationships with customers. With a very aggressive style, you can win a sale, but in the long run, you will lose customers.

Myth Number 4: In sales there are always ups and dindividualss.

Sales are toboggan only if you let the process run you, not vice versa. They have constant ups and dindividualss, if you do not have goals. Almost every industry is subject to seasonal changes. How to increase sales in those seasons? Like most other inconveniences, these lower sales can be avoided with proper planning. Regardless of what you hear in sales is really no "bad" seasons. There is always the opportunity for sellers who are doing enough to find ways to get around them, they know how to increase sales in the off-season sales. Imagine the scenario: While your competitors are moaning approximately all the problems of seasonality and poor sales, while on holiday in July, you are goal-oriented person who is not on vacation - and you meet to customers easier, because now you have less competitors to fight!

Myth Number 5: You have a good proffesion with failures that are in the sales process.

Of the thousands of sales professionals, I guarantee that each of them had listend "no thank you" more often than the average person. If they take it very close, we would probably need a special psychiatric hospital only to sellers with offended ego. Failures is bad, only if you do not draw conclusions from the stersebutation, do not diagnose the causes, not to learn something from the stersebutation. Otherwise, failure is a good opportunity for growth! 

Myth Number 6: The seller will not make a great career.

Did you know that 85% of business executives and entrepreneurs who once were the sellers? They did Calling customers, product demonstrations and fought with objections. Today, they are presidents of companies, CEOs and the like. Sales of dead-end proffesion? No, all right - especially when you consider that the end may be at the very top of the organization.

Myth Number 7:differentAny person can be persuaded to buy.

This may be true for small purchases, but in today's business world, buyers more sense than ever before. The real key to selling is to determine whether the client is experiencing a need for your product or service. If not, your best strategy is to switch to those who need and want to make your concrete proposal has decided they need. Even if the client can benefit from your product, but he does not want to discuss it today, you better spend the time to search for a unusual perspective.

present box in businessman hand sticking out of monitor isolated on white.

Myth Number 8:differentPrice is the main reason for which people decide to buy.

I would never argue that price is the only factor in every decision to buy. However, it is often the main reason when making purchasing decisions. It is important to note that the client will default to rely solely on the price if you are not able to show the value of your product or distinguish themselves from competitors.

Myth Number 9:differentWhat works well for one person will work for all.

Countless books have been written on strategies and sales techniques, and I have read dozens of them. In this search, I discovered that we are all unique and what works well for someone may not work as workly for us. However, instead of learning to discard these strategies and sales techniques, you need to understand what you should see for their individuals ways to hone your individuals style and approach to sales.

Myth Number 10:differentIf you improve your sales skills, you will improve your sales results.

This is what I call a 'half' a myth. In order to improve sales results, focus attention on improving your sales skills and work on your thoughts and beliefs. Retention of sales skills is only part of the equation. No matter how good your skills in sales, you will always have the ceiling in the sales results. The ceiling in the sales results is set by you, your beliefs and thoughts (your mindset). If you really want to raise the ceiling from the sale, find the general equation of sale. Your sales skills plus your thinking determines the sales results.

If your focus is only on sale, sell and only sell, you'll alienate and repel customers. People do not like when they are sold and will be looking for any ways to quickly end the conversation with you. How to increase the sales in this case? Instead, keep your focus only on sale, keep it on the desire to keep the conversation to understand how you can help your client to get what he wants. Do this and you will see how they open and find out how you can help them. With that mindset to help customers get what they want, you will be doing a lot more sales. Focus on the sale of its clients end result of using your product or service.

People do not need your product or service - solutions, that is what they are buying. What they payout- is the end result. Your product or service is simply a method / process used to obtain the final result. This subtle difference distinguishes the results in your sales.

There are many myths approximately sales, which will not only reduce your chances of success, but they also make selling more visually demanding profession than it actually is. Sales technique is quite simple, if you know, understand and apply the basic principles. For sale is a necessary step in your career and business. Sales professionals are always needed, do not become victims of these myths.

After reading these 10 myths approximately sales, I ask you to do some actions you can take now to benefit from this knowledge. A few simple steps, based on this knowledge will give you the potential to greatly improve your results in sales. Try it and see.