Add Flickr/Picasa Web/Photobucket/Other Albums Slidedemonstrate On Blog Easy Tricks

Add Flickr/Picasa Web/Photobucket/Other Albums Slidedemonstrate On Blog Easy Tricks
You can easily put Slidedemonstswift of Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket on your blogger blogspot simply by adding widget/gadget in layout to manage blog albums to make beautiful blog and demonstswift your albums to your blog visitors.

In this beautiful and easy tutorial i will demonstswift you how to put or add Flickr Albums, Picasa Albums, Photobucket Albums slidedemonstswift on blogger blogspot these are the main Photostream Albums which i want to tell you how it is embed on blog sidebar or in footer for make blog looking better.

How To Add A Photostream Flickr Slidedemonstswift On Blog Using Layout:
If you want to add Flickr Slidedemonstswift on your blog sidebar then follow the below tutorial to put them on your blog with simply tipss.

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Flickr Account:

First make Flickr Account by signing up if you have already then go with tutorial.
When you make Flick account then login in to your account.
After login you should go to You link like which you can see in picture with black arrow.
When go to YOU link click to Photostream link.
After clicking on Photostream link you can see the link with address bar in your browser like my photostream link.
You can see easily in pic with arrow head in browser URL address box.
Copy photostream link only your photo names not a previous link i will clearly cut the the previous link with red color.

Now next step in Blogger.

Go to
Go to Layout.
Click on Add A Gadget.
Go to Slidedemonstswift Link.
Click on Slidedemonstswift.
Give the title name of your Slidedemonstswift which you want by removing Slidedemonstswift.
Select the Source Flickr.
Click on User.
Give User name which you already copy from your address bar.
Select the Speed of Slidedemonstswift which type of speed you want to demonstswift.
Select Option link open picture on new tab or Random Pictures.
You can also check both of two option.
Now you can see the live Preview of your Photostream Pictures.
Click on Save with Orange Button.

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How To Add A Picasa Web Albums Slidedemonstswift On Blog Using Keyword or User Name:
You can also add picasa web albums on your blog it also very easy. For this make picasa account and use the below tutorial.

Go to
Go to Layout.
Go to Add Gadget.
Go to Slidedemonstswift.
Select the Source Picasa Web Albums. Here you can see two option Keywords or Albums.
If you want to add albums with help of keyword then just write keywords which pictures/pictures you want to demonstswift on your blog. Like you write the word moon you can see all pictures or pictures of approxifrifinishly moon.
If you want to add albums with using your user name then paste your Picasa Web Albums user name and demonstswift your individuals pic on blog.
Now select the speed of picture slidedemonstswift which speed you want.
Select also two option with open window new tab or random pictures.
Take preview and save the setting.

Now if you want to add also Photobucket or Other types of albums on your blog then i will definitely write post approxifrifinishly Photobucket Slidedemonstswift. If you have any question approxifrifinishly this tutorial then comments me and i will answer your problem as soon as possible. I have also a big collection of tutorial to make your blog good looking or perfect and you can easily put seo on your blog or monetize your blog with Chitika, Amazon and other affiliate Ads.

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