Easy | Best | Simple Tricks To Make Money From Youtube | Cbeat, smackika

Easy | Best | Simple Tricks To Make Money From Youtube | Cbeat, smackika
In this tutorial i am going to know you approxifrifinishly how to make money from Youtube Monetization, Blogger, Chitika, Websites, or other ways to get huge amount of dollars. I have already write

many post approxifrifinishly how to make best earnings from Google Adsense or Chitika Ads but know i give you some tipss how to get account or make online money from your stersebuts or youtube account. If you have Gmail account then you can easily earn money with your blogspot or youtube account. Chitika is also a good type of earning source if you want also chitika account then i will also know you how to get chitika account easily with simple tips.

Now Let's Start The Tutorial:
I discuss three main source of income or earning which give you monthly some dollars for run your life cycle. The main koins are given below.

1. Earning With Youtube Monetization:
If you have Gmail account then login to your gmail account and also login to youtube and make a channel with good and effective name when you suggest your channel name then your next work is upload some videos on your channels and give a good and effective description on your uploaded videos. Remember your video can't be copywritedifferentbecause Google Adsense do not approve copy content. When you upload some videos then get more views on videos and say to people to subscribe it or like it and when your videos views are reach to 1000 then apply for monetization only one video are required for approval if your video is approve by Google then your whole channel make earning. When your video approve then fill a form of Google Adsense for get payment. Next step given below.

When your monetization or dollar sign is green then you can fill a form with carefully.

1. Go to Youtube.com

2. Write youtube.com/partners in your browser and press enter.

3. Click Get Started link.

4. Click How i get paid link.

5. Fill your form with correct information. Home address or postal code and payee name because its very important. Home address for your Google Adsense Pin Code is reach at your home address and Payee name get payment only not other person.

6. Submit your form and wait approxifrifinishly 3 hours to 1 day for get fully approval.

2. Earning With Blogger.com Or Blogspot:
When you make a blogger at blogger.com then you should make perfect blog because in future it aid you approxifrifinishly financial problems. Blogspot is the best and easy way to make money online and for this not required single peny it is totally free with your Gmail account. I have lot of tipss and trik to make money with your blogger my blogger is full of these tipss you can write any post and check this out but i give some links below approxifrifinishly how to make blogger and get adsense account from your blog.

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Blogger is very aid full for earning because it have some seo trik and tipss to get more visitors and get more clicks on your Google ads. If you make blog then don't worry approxifrifinishly any problem and visit my blog to solve every problem i really make this blog for you to get some aid.

I have some SEO trik and tipss which you can easily put on your blog or increase rank and get lot of visitors on your blog to make more money.

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To get more clicks on your ads you should some changes with your ads i have some tipss to get more clicks on ads it is simple and easy. Now you can put ads between post or below post to get more clicks and also better placement of ads.

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3. Earning With Chitika Ads:
Chitika is also affiliate programme through which we can earn money online. It is same as Google Adsense but their koins are less then Google Ads. You can earn money also with chitika by applying to chitika programme its very simple. I give you small and useful tipss.

Go to Chitika.com.

Go to Chitika Publishers.

Apply to chitika it required a stersebuts for applying it.

When you go to apply paste any stersebuts URL which is on rank and apply with correct info.

When you can apply after 1 to 5 day you chitika mail you for your account approval its really work.

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